English Teacher


Démarrage : 10 novembre 2021
Fin : 6 juillet 2022
Fin des candidatures : 13 novembre 2021
Freelance / Auto-entrepreneur
 25 € / heure (brut)
Publié il y a 13 jours

Description du poste

Élémentaire (6-11 ans)
Temps partiel

2 positions are availble: 1. Wednesdays 9 a.m to 12 p.m a group of kids aged 4-6 years old. 2. Wednesdays between 10 am to 12 pm. a group of 7 to 9 years old. The pay rate depends on the teacher's experience and can be increased.

Profil recherché

Enseignant (H/F)

Teacher with native or bilingual proficiency More than 3 years experience or having teaching certificate Auto-entrepreneur status

Avantages du poste

You will work in a pleasant workplace with friendly colleagues. Materials are provided and all teachers are highly supported by the person in charge of pedagogy. The pay rate depends on the teacher's experience and can be increased.

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Type d’établissementCentre de langueSite webhttp://www.onestepforward.frDescriptionOne Step Forward is an English school and a training centre. We welcome all public, at all ages and all levels. When it comes to English for children, art is at the heart of our pedagogy. The centre is managed by a former scientist whose purpose is helping people to move forward through learning path. Her creativity and passion for art, her academic background and her interpersonal skills are her success keys. The courses are held by highly qualified and passionate teachers who joined her and brought their personal touch to make the experience even more fabulous! Enjoy us and live an amazing work experience. SIREN844724914
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